Durable Medical Equipment

We provide fast, reliable service and competitive pricing for your practice’s phlebotomy accessories needs, including:

  • Single use holders;
  • Swabs;
  • Specimen cups and containers.

We also offer Multi-Use Antibacterial Bags, which feature PVC-coated webbing. These bags are perfectly suited for Infectious Disease practices and cases.

Electronic Health Record & Practice Management Software

We have partnered with a leading cloud-based EHR/Practice Management solution to offer a state-of-the-art system that is easy to use, flexible and highly customizable. Our partner has been rated as a top SAAS cloud-based EHR by the KLAS rating agency.


Healthcare providers across many specialties are increasingly seeing the benefits of using our pharmacy services for their patients. Prescription strength topical creams are a safe effective alternative for patients who may not be good candidates for certain oral medications. Scar and wound care creams are helping surgeons, dermatologists and women’s health clinics treat patients with new or existing wounds and scars. Providers recognize that utilizing personalized topical medications are effective, where many other treatment methods have not.