Improving safe prescribing practices and preventing prescription drug abuse and misuse.

As a provider, you recognize the legitimate need for the medical use of controlled substances.  Sadly, there are myriad downsides to their prescription, including the practice of doctor shopping.  Incorporating a monitoring program offers many benefits: enables you to identify or prevent drug abuse and diversion; makes it far easier to identify prescription drug-addicted patients, thereby enabling intervention and treatment; and getting your patients up to to speed about prescription drug use, abuse, and diversion.

Electronic Health Record (EHR) Integration

Much more than simply a computerized version of a paper chart, an EHR can – and should – be shared across multiple healthcare settings.  Quickly identifying the medications prescribed by other providers will allow you to make the most-informed and safe prescription decisions.

Peace of Mind

A time-tested adage in the law enforcement community applies here: a notepad and a pen are your best friend.  In the litigation-mad world in which we live, clearly documenting follow-up visits and medication checks gives you a backstop and will leave nothing open to interpretation if an unpleasant situation were to occur.

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