Physician Core Care: Your Pro-Growth Partner

Physician Core Care (PCC) is a healthcare consulting company that operates primarily as a laboratory management group. PCC occupies the space between the clinical community and forensic laboratories, and by employing thorough needs-analysis and a wealth of collective professional experience, PCC matches its clients with the best lab solution and offers physician practices, clinics, Addiction & Recovery services, hospitals and healthcare systems greater opportunities to improve their productivity, profitability and patient care.


Your staff is skilled at providing quality clinical care and top-flight customer service, so adding unnecessary work and creating barriers to delivering a superior care experience is out of the question. PCC is your start to finish lab partner, handling everything from providing specimen cups or swabs, to scheduling courier pickups, enhancing communication between you and the lab, and customizing lab reports. PCC is not looking to take over your lab operation, only to allow your employees to make the best use of their very limited time.


Regardless of whether you’re a solo practitioner, an independent group, a PHO, or owned by an Integrated Delivery Network, the mantra is the same: increase revenue and drive down costs. Hospitals and health systems can benefit from PCC channeling business to their labs, and smaller practices find that PCC’s customer service abilities allow short-staffed offices to turn their attention to patient-focused activities, all resulting in a more robust bottom line.

Patient Care

Gaining a more complete clinical picture of your patient population is as important as ever, especially given the frightening rise of opioid abuse that plagues many regions of the country. PCC can help providers of any size or affiliation get enhanced patient data that can yield better clinical decisions and improve the overall health of the patient population you manage.

PCC: Your One-Stop Solution To Ever-Evolving Needs

Provider groups of every size face more pressure than ever to deliver quality, enhance patient satisfaction, increase revenues and decrease costs. PCC recognizes these challenges and can provide customized, needs-based solutions.

Turnaround Time

When urgent clinical decisions must be made, speed matters. Thanks to the dozens of PCC’s nationwide laboratory partnerships, the vast majority of test results can be delivered in a 24- to 48-hour window. Results are accurate and dependable with multiple delivery methods depending on practice preference: EHR integration, online web portal and HIPAA-secure FAX are the most common methods.


Whether it be Toxicology, Opioid Prescribing, Pharmacogenetic analysis, Hereditary DNA Cancer Risk Screenings, Allergy Testing, Medication Metabolism, Wound Care or Comprehensive Wellness Panels, PCC can match your practice/hospital with a laboratory or service provider that best fits your unique specifications.

Team Experience

PCC has assembled a team of veterans well-versed in laboratory and healthcare management, commercial insurance and market analysis. Put our team’s 100-plus years of grit and experience to work for you.